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Thallu - Sending Bulk Email Messages in Bluemail

Bluemail Service Description :

BlueMail is a modern, smart email app loved by millions of users around the world. Unlike other email apps, BlueMail does not transfer passwords to its servers and does not store any emails. We are very proud as a team to maintain the highest level of security possible for a ubiquitous email app that supports all the standard email protocols (IMAP , Exchange, SMTP & POP3) and provides a direct connection from the app to user's email server for sending and receiving emails, as well as receiving real-time push notifications.

  • We value and highly respect users' private information. Having a secured environment is at the core of each and every member of the BlueMail team. We have been working very hard to make this a reality and kept improving the solution until this announcement.
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    BlueMail Security and Privacy :

    We do our best to leverage the latest OS technologies to keep a top-notch email experience while maintaining maximum security for our Users. We believe other companies should follow the example set by BlueMail.

    BlueMail incorporates multiple security and privacy layers:

  • BlueMail app uses SSL, STARTTLS and OAuth enforcing certificate check by default.
  • BlueMail app sends and receives emails directly to and from the user's email server.
  • Passwords are never transferred to the BlueMail’s servers.
  • Emails are never stored on BlueMail's servers.
  • Furthermore, BlueMail features comprehensive privacy mechanisms, including spam-filtering and management, blacklisting, lock screen, private notifications and other anonymity options.
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    BlueMail Best Emails Management :

    BlueMail is a free, beautiful designed, universal email app, capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts from various providers, allowing for smart push notifications and group emailing while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts. The BlueMail app Works connects directly to your mail server and is the perfect replacement for your stock email app.


    Bluemail Cluster :

    Bluemail Clusters instantly spring into action and elegantly bring together Groups and Services. Cluster creates a simple and easy to use interface which is more organized and alive with stacked avatars.

    When Clusters are enabled, emails are stacked with all previous emails from the same sender or group. Apart from cleaning your inbox clutter, this creates a new context-based view where you can easily see all previous communications exchanged which helps to navigate your inbox much more efficiently.


    BlueMail People-Centric :

    Email is all about communication and bringing people together, and with BlueMail’s People Switch, it has never been easier. People Switch is an innovative way of aggregating emails from the same senders together, let it be individuals, shared groups or clustered services.

  • Individual – 1:1 conversations with people you regularly communicate with.
  • Groups – Shared groups to allow fast and smart group communication.
  • Service Clusters – Automated emails from machines, services and newsletter accessible for you.For each person, group or service, BlueMail clusters emails to a single entity, making your email inbox slender and orderly.
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    Thallu uses Bluemail :

    We also Use Bluemail and send bulk emails per day without blocks.In Bluemail takes your security and privacy seriously by utilizing industry leading encryption such as SSL and STARTTLS.


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