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Thallu - Sending Bulk Email Messages in Email Automation

Email Automation is to create emails that passes to the correct people with our created emails at the right moments without doing the work every time.


The algorithm is quite simple. Every email is sent right after a user performs a certain action on your site. These actions are called events. Before launching an automation flow you should create an event you want to track. It may be registration, purchase, abandoned cart, or any other custom event.


For Benefitical marketing, every business should consider adding automated emails that respond to customer actions. There are more than 30 types of automated emails that marketers can use to engage with target customers. They include:

  • Welcome emails - Welcome emails are usually the first direct contact a business people makes with a customer. It makes a recipient feel special and can boost engagement. Brands usually tell newcomers about the benefits they will get while cooperating with their brand.
  • Thank you emails - Thank you emails send automatically to users , while the customers subscriber, convert, download something or attend an event. It is excellent way to establish customer relationships.
  • Abandoned cart emails - An abandoned cart email is sent as a follow-up to a customer who has left items in the Shopping cart during checkout. Abandoned carts account for the biggest leaks in the sales funnel. So, sending this automated email helps recover lost revenue and drive traffic back to a website.
  • Order confirmation emails - Once a customer orders something, it is always best to send an order confirmation email. The email should communicate the shipping details and payment receipt. It’s a nice way to show that your brand deserves trust.
  • Customer feedback request emails - Feedabck from actual users is an excellent way to find out how to improve a service. An automated email survey or feedback form can do just that.
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    Increase brand awareness - When automation does the heavy-lifting the results are more consistent and professional-looking. In short, email automation makes businesses appear better organised and more responsive. When the email contact receives helpful and relevant emails from your workflow at the right time, they’ll naturally have a greater awareness and understanding of your business.

    Save time so you can focus on other tasks - When everything is automated, it saves a lot of time. You can just let the software handle repetitive tasks that would be time-consuming to complete. You and the rest of your team can focus on other tasks while the email workflows independently work. You can nurture leads and contacts while doing other jobs and then approach your leads when they're ready.

    Boost business revenue - Using email automation workflows to implement a successful lead nurturing system can dramatically increase conversion rates. Increasing the probability that a lead will convert with targeted communications - even by a small amount - has a huge effect on overall revenue figures.

    Reduce costs - You don't need a large sales team making cold calls every day. They can approach people when they're ready to be contacted and you don't need additional admin teams ensuring emails are sent out regularly. Paying for a large team to constantly contact prospects isn’t needed. Also, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Marketing Automation, meaning that even less-experienced marketers can manage workflows.


    If you’re dependent on manual efforts, your customer reach will be directly linked to the size of your marketing team. For example, if everyone in your dedicated email marketing team can send 50 messages a day and you have a 10-person team, that means you cannot scale beyond 500 customers. Email marketing automation, on the other hand, predefines a business rule based on which every customer – new and old – will continue to receive messages from your brand.


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