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Benefits of Using Email Hosting :

We’ve already briefly touched on some of the features email hosting provides that free providers don’t. However, that’s not where the advantages stop. Here are five benefits to consider.

  • Having Your Domain in Your Email Address Improves Brand Consistency. In addition to making your email address look more professional, incorporating your own domain could also improve your brand consistency. One of the key aspects of a strong company is the ability to be recognized.
  • Email Hosting Is Scalable and Can Grow With Your Site. Scalability is an important feature of every aspect of your business. With an email server, you can have your requirements met both in the short and long-term. That could include dedicated customer support, increased storage capacity, or simply adding more addresses to your domain.
  • You Can Increase the Security of Your Inbox. Encryption can prevent your emails from being intercepted and read by parties other than the intended recipient. At some point, you’re probably going to have to send sensitive information either internally to your team or to customers, so this is a key security feature.
  • Reliable Email Hosting Provides More Uptime. Another benefit is that you are likely to have guarantees when it comes to uptime. Ultimately, that can be a crucial difference between an email hosting solution and a standard free email client.
  • Your Email Solution Will Integrate With Other Tools. Mailman facilitates the management of newsletters and subscriber lists. With email marketing still a key player in many brands’ lead conversion processes, tools like these can be invaluable.
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