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Thallu - included Mailbird service

Mailbird Service Description :

Mailbird email software program was created in jan 2012 and Main Reason for creating mailbird came from their frustration with other current email clients like postbox & Thunderbird . Mailbird is more than just another email client. Unlike most of the competition and Mailbird is designed to change the way you manage your email, scheduling, tasks, communications and beyond.

However, it doesn't require you to sign up for a bunch of new accounts and services. Instead, Mailbird lets you bring all your accounts onto one amazing looking platform where you can do everything in one place.


Mailbird how it is works? :

If you want to conduct an online meeting with Mailbird, you can use video calling apps like Whereby and Veeting Room to set up a call or message thread with your workers or your clients.

  • Mailbird lets you connect all your email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo mail, your Microsoft account email and other webmail clients anything really) all into one integrated email client.
  • Mailbird also lets you send and retrieve large files with its cloud storage app integrations like Dropbox, Degoo or Google Docs the most popular platforms for sharing and accessing information online.
  • Finally, if you or your business use popular task management apps like Asana, Wunderlist, Moo.do or Todoist, Mailbird will integrate them into the email interface, importing personalized to-do lists, individual and shared calendars and scheduled meetings and events.
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    Mailbird - Retrieve Information Quickly :

    To find an email or a file that was previously sent? Want your email organized your way? We get time is of the essence and that everyone has their own preferences. That's why Mailbird has created easy ways to retrieve information from your inbox like:

  • Search by Attachment, This feature distinguishes us from the rest. Need to quickly find the source of a particular file or photo? Find the source email in seconds!
  • MailBird : Profile Picture Search, If you want to see all of your email correspondence history with a particular person, you can drag your cursor over their profile picture under the search function and all emails with this person will appear. This is a neat way to find the information you need as quickly as possible.
  • LinkedIn Look Up Feature Did you receive an email from a prospective employee, customer or client? Easily look up their name on LinkedIn by right clicking on their name in the email header and clicking on the LinkedIn Look Up Feature. This will bring you to a list of LinkedIn profiles that can be matched to their name to learn more about them!
  • In terms of personalization, Mailbird offers..

  • MailBird : Unified Inbox Plus Do you work off a few different email addresses? Mailbird will let you combine all your different accounts into one simple and manageable inbox with distinguishable headings. Archive emails for later, prioritize and easily sort emails to keep your inbox clean and organized.
  • MailBird : Customized Themes Choose your own layout, colour scheme, sound and notification settings, themes and more to create an inbox that is pleasing to you.
  • Mailbird is a clean, minimalist and effective solution for virtual companies and self-employed individuals. It integrates some the best communication, cloud storage and task management apps into one easy-to-use interface.
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    Some of the features about Mailbird :

    Mailbird is an email client for Windows with many valuable features to facilitate the use of multiple email accounts. You can connect a few or all of your electronic mailboxes and use a Unified Inbox feature to manage them in one place at the same time. All correspondence can be neatly organized into folders, so it's easier to find a piece of information by setting up automatic filters for new mail or moving emails from one folder to another.

  • Recently, we also rolled out a new Feature that allows you to move or copy emails from one account to another, not just between folders. In just a few clicks you can move an email to where it belongs it's that easy.
  • MailBird : Forward Email - If you need to transfer a few individual emails you can simply forward them to the right account and file it into a designated folder. It's a simple trick you can use any time for messages that have been displaced. However, if you need a bulk transfer, it will take a lot of wasted effort to move all the messages you need.As you can see, all these add-on and elaborate schemes are too much hustle, while Mailbird has the functionality to move emails between accounts integrated into the interface.
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    Advantages of Using Mailbird to Move Emails Between Accounts :

    MailBird : Already in App - You don't need to go looking for apps to do the job, choose one, install it, and then uninstall once you don't need it. You're down by a lot of steps with Mailbird, as the feature is integrated into the Interface .

  • MailBird is Intuitive - MailBird works as you would expect it to work, by opening the context menu (right-click on a conversation) or the label menu (a little folder button). Or you can simply drag and drop a conversation to the right account's icon. This will move the email entirely. You can copy if you drag and drop while holding the Ctrl button.
  • MailBird : More Flexible - One of the key ways to achieve productive email management is having a good structure. Such features as filters and folders and the ability to move emails between folders and accounts allow us to create and maintain this structure.
  • MailBird : Keyboard Shorcut - By pressing a key or a combination thereof (letters V or L, or a custom combination that you set), you get easy access to the menu where you can choose the right account and folder.
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    Thallu Uses Email Hosting:

    We also MailBird looks great and works with loads of email services to send bulk emails per day without blocks. Personally pretty safe in terms of Handling email data.


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