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About Degoo :

Degoo is very much a consumer-focused backup solution, and primarily concerned with photos and videos too – it uses some behind-the-scenes artificial intelligence to highlight your best shots, for example. It's the sort of feature that Google Photos and Apple Photos have also been adding to their own services, in direct competition with Degoo Cloud.

With only a web app available on the desktop, it's the apps for Android and iOS that do most of the heavy lifting with Degoo Cloud, and there are even apps for the Samsung and Huawei app stores too (bonus points there). The service isn't overloaded with features, but it's worth considering if you're looking for somewhere to store your photos.

Degoo Cloud features :

  • You don't get any kind of desktop client or scheduled computer backups with Degoo Cloud, just the web app as far as Windows and macOS goes – so this is by no means a comprehensive business backup solution. You need to upload files manually if you're working on a computer, though Degoo can take files of any type (up to a size limit of 512MB on the free plan).
  • It's with the mobile apps that Degoo really starts to shine: here you can upload files automatically (from your camera roll, for example), as well as documents and audio files if needed. Photos can be automatically uploaded for free, but you'll need to pay a subscription fee to auto-upload other files (such as videos).
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