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Zimbra Email Description :

Zimbra (Zimbra Collaboration Suite, ZCS) - a group work system developed by Zimbra from Sunnyvale, California, bought in September 2007 for $350 million by Yahoo, and in January 2010 by VMware . The system have server and client components. Two product versions are available: open source and commercial service (Zimbra Network Edition) with closed code components.

This system's functionally is Zimbra Server, Zimbra Web Client and Zimbra Desktop.


Zimbra Email Server :

Zimbra email server is created in Java (Sun) technology servlet using the following open source solutions: container network applications Apache Tomcat, e-mail server (MTA) Postfix, database MySQL server, directory services Open LDAP and search engine Lucene. It has implemented open industry standards: SMTP, LMTP and more. It can be used in the "software as a service" (SaaS) model. The server is managed using a web (web) console based on AJAX technology.

  • The server can work with such commercial e-mail clients as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail and with free open clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Novell Evolution in the scope of synchronizing e-mails, contacts (address books) and calendars. In addition, native two-way synchronization with mobile devices such as BlackBerry and iPhone is also possible.
  • Available in 19 languages: Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, British, American and Australian, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
  • The server can be running on Linux and OS X systems.
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    Zimbra Email Clients :

    The web client (Zimbra Web client) is built utilizing AJAX technology . Zimbra email has extensive intuitive operation and management of messages and many address books, including their sharing, as well as efficient shared calendars, direct document management (online), integration with voice communication, opening attachments in html mode without launching native programs(MS Word or Adobe Reader).

  • Traditional e-mail client (Zimbra Desktop) is a stand-alone application that supports e-mails, contacts and more such as in other clients of this type (Outlook and more). It can work with Zimbra server and any other POP3 / IMAP4 protocols. The same language versions as for the server are available.
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    Zimbra Email Features :

    Zimbra federate several open source projects consumable for the enterprise.Once Zimbra Connector for Outlook is installed, users can create a new Mail Profile using the Zimbra email Server features. synchronization of all Mail Folders, Tasks and many more. Advanced Zimbra Collaboration Synchronization for Out-of-Office, Signatures, Rules, etc. Advanced Sharing features per Folder, Calendar, Contact, etc.

  • Zimbra Connector for Outlook offers users to keep using Microsoft Outlook.Zimbra Connector for Outlook has a gived Menu tab inside Microsoft Outlook. Users choose from this menu to perform actions related to Zimbra Collaboration Server.All of the benefits of using both Zimbra Collaboration and Microsoft Outlook in just one place.Zimbra Connector for Outlook allows users to easily open Delegated Mailboxes. With a few clicks, your users can share and open Delegated Mailboxes. This makes Collaboration much easier for cross-functional Departments and Users.
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    Zimbra Email's Out-of-Office & Mailbox Quota :

    Zimbra Personas are alternate email identities that users can use to represent their different job roles. With multiple Personas, users have a From menu to choose from when sending an email, and each persona can have a unique signature. Personas are available through the Zimbra Connector for Outlook.We use zimbra from Anywhere any devices

  • Creating an out-of-office message on the Zimbra server via the Zimbra Connector for Outlook is simple. This is an option on the Zimbra menu in Outlook, so your users can easily start and stop this function.
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    Zimbra Connector Advanced Features :

    The Zimbra Connector for Outlook offers, Outlook users with Zimbra’s advanced Calendar and Contacts features. Now these users have multiple options for sharing their Calendar and Contacts. These can be shared internally with project team members and externally with partners and more Uses . Calendars can even be shared publicly via a link, and Contacts can be shared publicly via a standard format that others can import into Zimbra account.

    Some specific examples where these sharing features are especially useful include:

  • A Manager wants to create a different calendar per employee with different tasks
  • A Director wants to share a calendar with a secretary who manages appointments and more.
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    Thallu Uses Zimbra Email:

    you can setup your own mailing server using zimbra IMAP Email software.Also our service is Unlimited Bulk Mailing Server setup.Also You use in bounce,postmaster mail also in Zimbra.


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